What Digital Divide? Nielsen Data Shows U.S. Ethnic Minorities More Likely To Have A Smartphone

Nielsen Q1-2012-US-Smartphones-by-Ethnicity

What Digital Divide? Nielsen Data Shows U.S. Ethnic Minorities More Likely To Have A Smartphone:

U.S. consumers have been transitioning from old phones to smartphones over the past few years as the technology advances and prices decline.  Recent data from Nielsen shows that ethnic minorities are at the forefront of change when it comes to smartphones and they are leaders in adopting new mobile technology.  This data disrupts traditional theories related to so-called “digital divide” that claim technology distribution among groups is characterized by inequalities between groups with minorities lagging behind.

Nielsen’s data shows no digital divide exists when it comes to smartphones with Android leading smartphone operating system usage followed by Apple.

Percentage Of U.S. Mobile Phone Users That Have A Smartphone by Ethnicity – Nielsen Data

  • Asian Americans 67.3 percent
  • Hispanic Americans 57.5 percent
  • African Americans 54.5 percent
  • White Americans 44.7 percent

Consumer electronics makers need to focus on creating products that have broad appeal and shouldn’t stray away from creating products that cater to various ethnicities in the U.S.   Consumer electronics adoption by minorities in the U.S. will continue to grow and the mobile space is the most exciting sector.

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It's not surprising that manufacturers of smartphones and developers of apps will create products that are are sort of leaning towards the largest percentage of a certain group of users. What I got from this article is that they are providing more products to cater the needs of almost every individual.