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The Volkswagen Hover Car Is A Unique Concept (Video)

The Volkswagen Hover Car Is A Unique Concept (Video)

volkswagen hover car 2012

The Volkswagen Hover Car Is A Unique Concept (Video):

Volkswagen opens up ideas for the future of floating cars with its new People’s Car Project that used crowd sourcing to generate new car production ideas.  The project launched in China last year and a result of the project called the Volkswagen Hover Car is gaining interest among car enthusiasts. The Volkswagen Hover Car was unveiled to the public at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show and the concept is exceptional.  The car floats on air and uses thrusters to travel around with no wheels.

Could this be the future of car design?  Absolutely.  It may take time but the driverless car is already here courtesy of Google. The Volkwagen Hover Car floats about a foot from the ground and seats two people.  The People’s Car project chose a special design that was submitted and created a video featuring an example of how the car ‘might’ work.  It’s not close to production ready but the plethora of concepts VW has received can help future learnings about what people desire and the possibility of more efficient, energy saving automobiles.   Watch the video below to see how this imaginary car could work.

The Volkswagen Hover Car (Video)