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5 Reasons Instagram’s New Advertising Tools Will Be A Boon For Facebook

Last week, Instagram announced it was unleashing a brand new set of tools to help businesses manage their reach on the growing platform that boasts over 200 million users worldwide.  Instagram is becoming a huge success since it’s integration with Facebook and users are flocking to the social media site to share pictures and talk[…]

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Will The Emotional Mood Experiment Hurt Facebook?

Probably not: Facebook has received immense media coverage recently for a scandal that broke last week.  The social media giant was secretly testing newsfeeds with emotional posts to monitor sentiment and users were furious.  The study involved academics from the University of California and Cornell that channeled the flow of user comments, videos, pictures and[…]

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Will Facebook Take Some Of Twitter’s Lockup Heat?

Facebook Is Growing Revenue – Don’t Compare It To Twitter Right Now: Twitter dropped over 20 percent yesterday after its lockup period ended and early holders fled the stock.  Twitter has been an interesting social media play since its ‘successful’ IPO and hitting highs weeks after the first offering, the stock has plummeted.  Yesterday the[…]

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Was The Twitter IPO Really Better Than Facebook’s?

By some accounts, the recent Twitter IPO was a success.  It looked like it was off to a good start but word got out early that nobody obtained shares except a few fund managers and overnight the price jumped from $26 to $45 at the open.  The visuals of people standing in line to take[…]

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The Top 3 Reasons Twitter Chose The NYSE Over NASDAQ For Its IPO

The NASDAQ Probably Never Had A Chance: Twitter will be going public on November 15, 2013 and the debut is highly anticipated.  The buzz for the second most popular social media site is enormous and investors are licking their chops looking for another opportunity to gain exposure to the sector.  This week Twitter announced the[…]

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Twitter Isn’t Making Any Money Yet Due To User Experience, Expect That To Change

Twitter Focused On User Experience Like Facebook: Expect That To Change: Twitter just filled for a $1 billion initial public offering and will be known under the ticker symbol TWTR.  On the heels of the recent Facebook IPO, investors and analysts are doing a deeper dive into the company’s prospects of gaining share in the[…]

Twitter Files For IPO, But Will It Be Facebook Part 2?

Hopefully – not. Twitter announced Thursday via a tweet on its own media network, We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. the company would be going public. The influential social media site is already being compared to Facebook as[…]

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Facebook Changes Advertising Strategy But Do They Need To Do More?

Is Facebook Using Any Of The Info They Have On Us? Facebook’s homepage ads don’t seem, very targeted.  The social media megasite has been getting hit with concerns by advertisers that it’s not an effective platform.  It started just before the IPO last year when GM stated they weren’t happy with ads on Facebook and[…]


5 Reasons Nobody Should Be Surprised Zynga Laid Off 18 Percent Of Its Workforce

Zynga laid off hundreds of employees this week.  Here’s why: Zynga is letting go of 18 percent of its total workforce and is closing its offices in New York, LA, and Dallas.  This suggests the social gaming sector is contracting and less profitable than previously anticipated.  Here are 4 reasons Zynga laid off workers this week and[…]

Facebook IPO, 1 Year Later Lessons Learned

What Can We Learn A Year After The Facebook IPO? Facebook just celebrated the one year anniversary of its IPO on May 18, 2012.  The initial public offering was fraught with missteps and many argue the price was too high.  The demand was much lower than anticipated and Facebook shares took a pummeling since investors have never been happy[…]


LinkedIn 1st Quarter 2013 Profits Jump, 3 Reasons The Stock Didn’t

LinkedIn Shares Drop 9 percent after Q1 2013 Earnings Report: LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social media network, reported stellar earnings today but the stock market wasn’t receptive. The company raised the full year guidance from $1.43 billion to $1.46 but the company expects less revenue than analysts were expecting.  LinkedIn expects to generate $342[…]

Facebook 1st Quarter Earnings 2013 Highlights And Outlook

Facebook Makes More Money Via Mobile In The First 3 Months Of 2013: Facebook’s earnings were released yesterday and the news was positive for social mobile media.  Facebook is now getting more advertising dollars from mobile applications and this is going a long way to help the bottom line.   Facebook had no ads last[…]

Google First Quarter 2013 Average Cost Per Click Decreases 4 Percent, Here’s Why

More Reasons Google’s Average Cost Per Click Won’t Turn Positive Anytime Soon: Google reported quarterly earnings today that beat most expectations although average costs per click decreased.  For the first quarter of 2013, Google’s revenue grew 22 percent when costs are excluded.  Average costs per click decreased which has been occurring for several quarters. We[…]

Yahoo Q1 2013 Earnings Flat, Is A Comeback In The Works?

Are Changes Happening Fast Enough At Yahoo? Yahoo reported earnings yesterday that were flat compared to analysts expectations and the stock was hit hard by traders.  The selling continued today as investors and analysts ponder about the future of the company.   Yahoo reported its quarterly earnings of $0.35 which was up from last year. Yahoo has been[…]

Will The Facebook Phone Unseat Google’s Mobile Search Dominance?

If the Facebook Phone Is A Success, It Will Help & Hurt Google: Facebook unveiled its new phone last week that will give users the opportunity to go straight to the social media site quickly from various smartphones.  The Facebook ‘Home’ feature will be available on Android software enabled smartphones, a platform created by Google[…]

A Few Questions Now That Facebook Is Launching The Android Phone Tomorrow

Facebook set to announce new Android Phone Thursday April 4, 2013 Facebook is finally putting the rumors to rest. Yes, the social media giant is launching an Android phone. This comes after months of speculation that Facebook would try to rival the likes of Apple and Google by getting into the hardware business. The margins[…]

Why Facebook Is Focused On Ad Serving Instead Of Gaming Revenue Right Now

  Facebook is perfecting the onsite, mobile experience first. Notice those pesky ads on Facebook when you haven’t signed in and are about to login? That’s because Facebook is going heavy on advertising.  Facebook is shifting from chasing revenue via games like “Farmville” and “Words With Friends” and is focusing on the social media ecosystem[…]

Pinterest Updates Website, Mobile Apps for iPad & iPhone, Android

Check out the new Pinterest from just about anywhere. It’s been a big week for Pinterest.  First the company updated their website and today they released their latest mobile applications for Android devices, the Apple iPad and iPhone.  The new features from Pinterest allow social media browsers to find more content easily.  Pinterest has differentiated[…]

Ryan Seacrest ‘Leaks’ On Twitter He’s Testing Zynga’s Draw Something 2 – Or Did He?

Was it all just a publicity stunt for more Zynga PR? “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest made social media news today by revealing that he will be working on a project with Zynga.  Seacrest dropped the news on Twitter today that he’s testing Draw Something 2, a sequel to Zynga’s “Draw Something” that was a hit[…]

Facebook Names Mike Schroepfer New CTO, See What Hurdles He Will Face

Mike Schroepfer is Facebook’s New CTO.  Will Wall Street Like Him? AllThingsD has reported that Mike Schroepfer will be the new chief technology officer for Facebook.  Will this be enough to get people excited about the company’s prospects again?  Facebook has been hammered by Wall Street since it’s initial public offering and Schroepfer has large shoes[…]