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Geofenced Mobile Marketing Using Social Media and the Power of Search Engines
Mobile Analytics

Get the best mobile data insights using the power of keyword sentiment analysis. Find new customers and get location specifics to target your message. Use our triangulation technology to find new searchers and social media profiles in seconds.

Search Analytics

Combine the power of search engine algorithms to find new keywords and social media profiles to hone in on influencers in the terms they use most. Use our retargeting software to capture social media influencers via search engines.

Social Media Analytics

Don’t guess anymore. Now you can find social media profiles that will convert. Combine location-based social media monitoring tools with search and mobile data. Geotag and remarket to those most likely to purchase your products and services.

Who Uses Abmuku Mobile Social Search Analytics Intelligence?

Serious Brands, Marketers, Researchers, Security Professionals And Media Enterprises

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