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Hotel And Leisure Location-Based Social Media Monitoring And Mobile Search Retargeting

Social Media is recognized within the hotel industry as the foremost online marketing tool – although some within the industry are having trouble adapting to this new expansive outlet.

Members of the lodging industry have much to gain from the boundless possibilities and strategies that can be derived from Abmuku’s social media analyses. Hotels can attract more visitors by tapping into the necessities of those travelling in the area more effectively.

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How can Abmuku make marketing and customer service for a hotel easier?

The data accumulated from a wide range of social media platforms can be overwhelming for a marketer to interpret and properly apply to decisions.  Abmuku alleviates this problem by taking the bloat out of digital analysis and implementing a cutting-edge algorithm to present marketers with the information they need to increase both web and foot traffic.

Utilize Abmuku’s location-based analysis to:

Gauge the sentiment of visitors quickly

Get a closer look at target markets

Run more focused advertising campaigns

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Marketers can enhance their decisions using Abmuku’s keyword search analysis.  In the Hotel and Leisure industry, this translates to happier visitors – and faster problem resolutions.  Picking out important keywords and monitoring their use in a geographic area can help hotels increase brand awareness, target issues, and market efficiently. Aggregating data from a variety of popular social media platforms, as well as proper search engine optimization, can get a hotel closer to its target market than ever before.

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