Ziiiro Gravity Watches Are Tech Without Technology

Ziiiro Gravity Watches Are Tech Without Technology:

Want A Watch That Says Tech But Not Techie?

Watches are always a good place to get new design ideas.  Branding and advertising is important in the watchmaking business but a sleek design helps attract attention to the person wearing it and gets around fast.  These days, most people have devices such as smartphones and iPads on them at all times and a watch is a decorative item more than ever before.

Watch collectors may be interested in the Ziiiro watch design that features a tech savvy, inspired look – without the clutter of actual technology.  Here’s how to read time on the Ziiiro, the inner swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes.  The watches come in various colors and watch face designs. See more at Ziiiro.com

ziiiro gravity watches

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