Top Super Bowl 45 Television Commercials

diddy looks for his silver mercedes benz in the welcome

Top Super Bowl 45 Commercials List 2011:

(Pictured Above: Diddy Looks for his Silver Mercedes Benz.)

Super Bowl XLV 2011 was exciting and the game lasted until the very last play.  The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl and were ahead for all of the game although it was close.  There was no big commercial that outdid every other and it may be hard to figure out which ad people will be talking about most tomorrow. Here are our list of the top commercials for Super Bowl 45 2011.

Some of Our Top picks?

1st Quarter
Audi – “Release the Hounds”
:30 Bridgestone Reply All
:30 GM Chevrolet
:30 Go Daddy “New .CO Girl Revealed

2nd Quarter
:30 BMW “Possibilities
:30 Coca-Cola “Border Crossing
:30 Teleflora – “Faith Hill”
:30 Volkswagen “The Force

3rd Quarter
2:00 Chrysler/Dodge “Eminem?
:30 Coca-Cola “Seige”

4th Quarter
:60 Mercedes Benz “Welcome
:30 Skechers – “Kim Kardashian”
:30 Volkswagen “Black Beetle

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