Super Bowl XLV Viewership Breaks Records As Expected

The Super Bowl Was Big 163 Viewers Watch Game:

111 Million Views on Average – Tops last Year.

Super Bowl XLV was big this year as expected. We speculated that Super Bowl 45 would be the biggest in history based on the internet buzz we noticed and the number of advertisers involved.  Commercials this year were costly and advertisers seemed willing to pay for tv ads for the coveted time slots during the game.

The game was watched by over 163 million viewers and this topped last years viewership handily. The game itself didn’t disappoint either with the Green Bay Packers finishing off the Pittsburgh Steelers in the final minutes.

Nielsen Super Bowl XLV Viewership Data For Last 5 Years

Game Total Viewers
Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers), 2/6/11 162.9 million
Super Bowl XLIV (Colts-Saints), 2/7/10 153.4 million
Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals-Steelers), 2/1/09 151.6 million
Super Bowl XLII (Giants-Patriots), 2/3/08 148.3 million
Super Bowl XXXVIII (Patriots-Panthers), 2/1/04 144.4 million

Source: NFL, The Nielsen Company


Congrats to the Green Bay Packers!!!

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