Researchers Say 2050 Population May Grow To 9 Billion

Researchers Predict 2050 Population May Grow To 9 Billion:

The United Nations predicts the global population will reach seven billion this year and may climb to 9 billion by 2050. Most forecasters know that 40 year predictions are usually wrong but population growth has been steady for decades now. How will the world look 50 years from now and what type of technologies could exist that would reduce the ‘supposed’ strain on resources as predicted by researchers from the U.S. Science conference Sunday?

Malthusian predictions of this type should have had the world already in decline by now – thinking positively, look for new ways for people to consume in various proportions in the next 40 years that may seem unimaginable today. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) researchers suggest we may not make it that far based on current consumption – but really anything is possible. See a Mercedes Benz video on making predictions about the distant future here. A prediction for 3-5 years is useful after 40 years – that becomes too long run.


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