The iEverything Stand: iPod, iPhone and iPad In One Spot

The iEverything Stand

iPod, iPhone and iPad In One Spot.

Apple enthusiasts like the company’s product line due to design and functionality.  Apple gadgets are growing in consumer demand with the addition of the iPad. Have a few Apple products? A designer found a good way to to put his favorite Apple gadgets in one place.

The iEverything is a small storage unit the houses the iPhone, iPad and iPod created by Andrew Kim. Stand (pictured) is made of acrylate polymer (acrylic plastic), birch plywood & birch. It holds an iPad, iPod Classic, iPhone 4 and a stylus. It keeps Apple gadgets together with the iEverthing stand and adds a little style to his collection. This is just one example -there are several other good designs out there got a favorite? let us know on twitter @abmuku

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