Twitter Business Sponsored Brand Pages Coming?


Twitter Business Sponsored Brand Pages Coming?

Twitter may roll out brand-sponsored pages- new advertising.

Twitter is looking to make additional revenue by creating special pages for brands and advertisers according to Marketing Magazine.  Twitter will utilize Facebook’s social media page-making model and allow customers to create their own pages to attract more followers, users and customers into conversions.

Twitter pages could be a big addition to the social media platform and could provide the company with additional revenue sources quickly.  The microblogging, social media update website has a few options for advertisers now such as sponsored hashtags, users and trending topics but these options may be less attractive than a whole dedicated page.  Twitter recently turned 5 years old and is making social media changes at a fast pace.  The Twitter page will be a positive addition and allow brands to view interactions easier as well as respond quicker. Without pages, Twitter is too informal and less communal – the new pages will help Twitter’s overall engagement metrics.

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