What’s Going On At Google? Exec. Changes At Search Engine Giant Numerous


What’s Going On At Google?

Google executives moving around since Larry Page takes helm.

Since Larry Page moved up in the ranks at Google, things have been changing.  The new Google shakeups involve changes in Google Inc’s senior management and new headlines continue to hit the media about a recent upper level switch weekly.  But why is Google making changes? Are they looking ahead?. Google is seeing challenges from social media but gains from mobile and OS such as Android as well as search.  Google looks to be making changes aside from the board room and announced making a change to the core algorithm recently in reaction to link farms and the announcement of the new online book “Think Quarterly”.

The changing of the guards at Google may be a sign of short term growth issues or improved attempts to become more flexible, dynamic and profitable.  As Google continues to open up new markets and expand into old ones, new changes at the executive level will be intented to prioritize which projects jump off and those that are just – off. The next 6 months will be an interesting transitional time for Google.

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