Build Your Professional Web Identity With New LinkedIn Plugins


LinkedIn Announces New Platform,New Plugins

Build your professional web identity on LinkedIn

A few days ago, LinkedIn opened up its new platform for “building the professional web”. After granting early access to developers last October, in addition to months of testing, LinkedIn has released the new Javascript platform. Aiming to make LinkedIn integration across the web straightforward and effective, the new release includes a potent set of new, customizable plugins that users can embed on their sites. These plugins allow members to Sign In with LinkedIn on various websites, as well as Recommend and Share content from the web on LinkedIn Profiles. Also, similar to Badges for Facebook Profiles and Pages, there are now plugins for LinkedIn Member Profiles and Company Profiles along with more detailed Full Member Profiles and Company Insider Profiles.

I am very eager to begin customizing and placing these widgets on my sites and I recommend that anyone who wants to build their professional web identity does the same. I have always thought of LinkedIn as Facebook in a suit, and the new plugins will make it much easier to connect with others online in a more professional manner.

Read more about the new platform on the Developers Website and connect with Yours Truly on LinkedIn

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