Google Releases Chrome 11 Web Browser, New Speech-To-Text Feature


Google Releases Chrome 11 Web Browser

The newest installment of the Google internet browser is now available for download

Google Chrome 11 is now available for download. In addition to the new logo, the updated version of the Google web browser includes bug fixes,¬†GPU-accelerated 3D CSS, and some pretty nifty speech-to-text and translation features. Now, as a result of the browser’s new HTML5 speech input, Chrome users can virtually talk to their computers. Speech, picked up by the computer’s microphone, can be transcribed before our eyes. Furthermore, using Google Translate, people can have their words translated and then converted to text and/or speech.

I think this is pretty amazing. One can only imagine conversing with someone from another country who speaks another language via Chrome. Years ago, I switched from Mozilla FireFox, of which there is also a new version, to Chrome –mostly because the Google browser was faster. Though FireFox may now have comparable speed, the new Chrome features are very enticing. I may never look back… but what do you think?

Which browser do you use? Would you find use for Chrome 11’s new speech-to-text feature? Will Chrome eventually become the more popular browser? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.

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