Microsoft Unveils New Windows Phone 7 Features


Microsoft Unveils New Windows Phone 7 Features

The new version of the tech giant’s mobile software, “Mango”, was presented today

Microsoft revealed new Windows Phone 7 features this morning at a news conference in New York City. The new version of the mobile software, entitled “Mango”, includes over 500 new features. The Windows Phone 7 update will permit users to run multiple applications simultaneously (one in the background). In addition, Mango has both text-to-voice and voice-to-text support for when one is too busy to use both hands, as well as integrated social networking apps for when one wants to relax and connect with friends online. Also, Mango users will be able to browse with mobile version of Internet Explorer 9, search locally with Local Scout, and more.

At the press conference, President of the Microsoft Mobile Communications Business, Andy Lees, said, “We set out to make the smartphone smarter and easier.”

This may be so, but will the new features help Microsoft grab a larger share of the mobile phone market? According to CNET, “Windows Phone has had a rough start. Launched in 2010, the mobile-phone software has yet to make any sort of dent in the leads held by Apple’s iOS and Google’s¬†Android…of the 100 million smartphones sold worldwide in the first quarter,¬†only 1.6 million of them ran Windows Phone 7. Android, which had just 9.6 percent of the market a year earlier, soared to 36 percent of the market, while Apple held a 16.8 percent share.”

Windows Phone is the only mobile phone OS that has Microsoft Office and XBox Live, but perhaps that is not enough to compete with other smartphone operating systems. As a Droid owner who enjoys access to my information on pretty much any device, I doubt that I will make the switch. But what do you think? Do you think the new Mango features are sweet? Will it be enough for Windows Phone to gain a foothold in the smartphone market? Let us know on Twitter.

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