Facebook Rolling Out Real-Time “Happening Now” Stream (PHOTOS)


Facebook “Happening Now” Real-Time Stream Feed Rolled Out

The Facebook “Happening Now” real-time stream feature is being rolled out. The constantly updating sidebar feed will be displayed on the right side of users’ Home News Feed Pages where new stories appear in abbreviated form. When one of the stories (e.g. Pokes, Comments on Photos, Videos, Links, etc.)  is clicked, users will see more information to the left of the sidebar on the same page.

Facebook is only testing the Happening Now feed with a “fraction of a percent” currently, however they “may expand it to more people” in the near future as Mashable reports.

With this great innovation by Facebook, the second most-visited website in the world may be able to keep their users logged in for even longer amounts of time now. Facebook does a pretty good job of aggregating the most popular and relevant stories regarding one’s Friends in the News Feed. But, this new feature will allow Facebookers to see constant updates from Friends (a la Twitter). This is sort of the best of both worlds. We would be able to see what others are doing and saying in real-time and still see the most relevant content in our News Feeds. Will users ever log off?

What do you think of the new feature? What do you think Twitter thinks of “Happening Now”? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.



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