Watch Seth Myers 2011 ESPY Awards Opening Monologue (VIDEO)


Seth Myers 2011 ESPY Awards Opening Monologue/Roast (Video)

Watch the Seth Myers 2011 ESPY Awards opening monologue/roast (video). Before introducing the first presenters and winners at ESPN’s annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly award show, Myers kicked off the ceremony with a few jokes. Like he did at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Seth remorselessly poked fun at everyone and everything from the Miami Heat, to Michael Vick, Kim Kardashian, sexting, the NBA and NFL Lockouts and more. Watch the comedic rant in its entirety below and let us know who got it the worst on Twitter.

Seth Myers 2011 ESPN ESPY Awards Monologue/Roast/Introduction (Video)

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