LinkedIn Adds New Section To Profiles For Students


LinkedIn Student Profile Sections

LinkedIn has added new sections to profiles for students. The professional social networking site, which became one of the first social media companies to file for IPO in May, is making it easier for undergrads and recent graduates to fill out their profile pages. Though students may not have a lot of work experience to display, they can now post information regarding their Projects, Honor & Awards, Organizations, Test Scores, and Courses. Find out how to add the revamped sections for student to your LinkedIn profile below (screenshots), find out more on the LinkedIn Blog, and tell us your thoughts on Twitter.

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Instructions from the LinkedIn Blog

How-to: Add new student sections to your profile.

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile page in edit mode, and click the blue “Add sections” bar under your profile summary.
  • Then, browse the available sections and select a section to add to your profile.
  • When editing the section, include examples and specifics about your contributions, and how the experience added to your skills and abilities.
  • The new section will appear on your profile – and you can adjust your profile settings to control who can see these sections.

Quick Tip:  You can rearrange the sections of the profile to highlight your strongest sections.  Simply click on the section header, and drag and drop it to the best location on the page.


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