3 Reasons Why The Money Is In Mobile


3 Reasons Why The Money Is In Mobile:

Mobile Advertising Is Set To Grow Sevenfold by 2015.

Mobile advertising is set to grow exponentially over the next few years. Here are 3 reasons why mobile advertising will continue to grow which will help consumers purchase more products directly from their mobile devices.

1. More mobile ads  -Advertisers are more receptive to using mobile ads and brands that previously shunned mobile are looking to serve ads now in droves via mobile sources.

2. More Americans have smartphones – A third of all Americans with a phone are using a smartphone now.

3. More mobile searches – mobile searches are growing which means mobile devices will be integral to finding info about new products.

Gartner Says Mobile Advertising Will Grow Sevenfold

Gartner predicts mobile advertising to grow sevenfold from $3.3 billion this year to $20.6 billion in 2015.  The growth in mobile is consistent with other trends related to search that show more mobile searches are occurring than traditional searches online.  Mobile devices such as smartphones, ebook readers and tablets have caught on with consumers with new options for enjoying content via entertainment handhelds like the Nintendo 3DS which allows subscribers to enjoy movies and TV shows anywhere a broadband connection is available.

The market for mobile will continue to grow and research from clients at InterSearchMedia shows mobile usage for purchasing products growing considerably.  The challenge for firms, brands and marketers will be how to design the optimal mobile user experience for various devices.

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