New Rapportive Gmail Add-On Displays Recipients’ Social Media Contact Profiles (VIDEO)


Rapportive Gmail Add-On/Extension Displays Social Media Contact Profile

The new Rapportive Gmail add-on/extension allows users to see social media contact profiles of email recipients. When composing or viewing an email, Rapportive fetches information that contacts have made publicly available online (e.g. from Facebook , Twitter, Website, Google, LinkedIn) and then displays the data on a sidebar to the right of the viewing pane. According to the company, “by using Rapportive before you email, you can be more astute, personal, and effective. You can find ways to break the ice, topics to bond over, and reasons to get in touch with people.”

Learn more about how Rapportive works within Gmail in the video below:


I have installed the Rapportive Gmail add-on and it seems that it will prove to be useful in the future. However, I wonder how people will feel about their posts from social networks being displayed. Of course, only information the sender would already have access to will be displayed. But, I wonder if Rapportive and other services that aggregate social media data in such a way will make people think twice before they, for example, post a rant about their horrible boss on Facebook…

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