Google Integrates Google+ Posts and Google Social Search Results

Google Integrates Google+ With Social Search

Google+ Posts Integrated Into Social Search

Public Google+ Posts to Now Appear in Social Search

If there’s one thing Google knows how to do… wait scratch that. Is there one thing Google DOESN’T know how to do? Google has dominated its competition in Internet-based services and computer software for over a decade now. Its constant success is due to a variety of factors but one of its core staples is its supremacy over Internet searching. Only one company has turned phrases like “look it up on the Internet” into “Google it.” To digress, Google has announced that it has now integrated Google+ with its Social Search.

If I were to share a link publicly on Google+, people who have added my Google+ page to their circles would see an annotation under that link indicating that I shared it if they happened to pass upon it in their Google Search results. To be clear, Google+ is not the first social networking site to be integrated into Google Social Search but merely the newest in a long line. Powerhouses like Flickr, Twitter, Quora, and Google Buzz have been added since Google Social Search debuted in October 2009. Social Search analyzes what links your friends are circulating around the Internet and spits out results that are supposedly related based on those preordained interests. For those unfamiliar, a video regarding Social Search is included below:

One of the original reasons Google Social Search was launched in 2009 was to compete with Bing, which had recently incorporated Facebook and Twitter to its search results. Nevertheless, due to the overwhelming popularity of the Google search engine globally, most have probably forgotten that the original idea was never, well, original. Once Google flexes its muscles, it exerts its incredible “control” over the functioning of the Internet industry.

What are your thoughts on Google Social Search and its integration with Google+? Do you think this new element will draw even more power to the Google search engine? How many years do we have left until Google rules the world? Please share with us on Twitter.

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