Facebook Acquires HTML5/Mobile Company Strobe’s ‘Talent’

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Facebook Acquires HTML5/Mobile Company Strobe’s ‘Talent’:

Facebook has purchased a small San Francisco HTML5-focused mobile app development start-up company called Strobe founded by Charles Jolley.  Jolley is most known for helping Apple develop a strategy around HTML5 and he is also known for creating SproutCore which is an open-source framework.  Facebook has largely scooped up the human capital from the acquisition and it looks like a big step for the company as it seeks to get more mobile views.

Jolly will be joining the Facebook team to help them navigate through the mobile landscape that continues to change rapidly.  Mobile adoption rates are still growing globally and cell phone penetration in foreign markets continues to increase.  As Facebook seeks to dominate social networking connectivity, the ability to get spread its digital footprint worldwide with robust mobile apps is necessary to continue having a large user base that accesses social media  on smartphones and tablet pcs.  The new “talent acquisition” should help raise Facebook’s overall digital acumen considerably.

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