Hackers Unlock iPhone 4S Siri Technology For Any Device

iphone 4s siri

Hackers Unlock iPhone 4S Siri Technology For Any Device:

Hackers have cracked the code that allows iPhone users to communicate with their phones using voice commands. The new technology is called Siri and it’s the last innovation announced before Steve Jobs’ death. Siri lets users speak into their iPhone 4S and give commands which are answered using intelligent technology. For example, a user might query her iPhone 4s phone asking – “is it going to rain today?” The user would receive a real answer back about the probability of rain in her geo-targeted area.

The developers were from Applidium and they setup the technology to reverse engineer Siri by setting up a secure sockets layer (SSL – part of the transportation networking protocol) certification authority and added it to their iPhones. Viewing levels of the transportation network security they were able to see what commands were going back and forth to Apple’s servers.  Apple has the ability to shut off this mechanism but in theory, the code has been cracked.  Other smartphone makers including Android are working hard to come up with similar types of technology but Apples intriguing first mover advantage has helped them sell smartphones and other devices at a higher growth rate level but it wont’ be long before similar programs for mobile devices are unveiled.

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