3 Reasons the iPhone beats Blackberry for business

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3 Reasons the iPhone beats Blackberry for business:

The debate between which phone is better, the iPhone or the Blackberry is officially over. The business community now chooses the iPhone over the Blackberry and this is another sign of Apple’s dominance in the mobile device sector.  In the early days of the first iPhone, RIMs Blackberry was on the hip of most business people and the iPhone was seen as a cool device for younger consumers.  That’s changed completely.

A polling company called iPass surveyd more than 2,000 employees and found over half use the iPhone for corporate use compared to only one third who use the Blackberry.

3 Reasons the iPhone beats Blackberry for business

  1. The iPhone is beating Blackberry because its a better phone.  Early adoption of the Blackberry actually was by older consumers and they tend NOT to change their technology often or use 2 phones. 
  2. The success of the iPad has helped iPhone get positive spillover effects from people willing to convert to the touch screen phone.
  3. RIM hasn’t successfully moved to the next level with their phone offerings and old Blackberrys won’t be replaced with upgraded sleeker models because they aren’t doing much better than the classic Berry with trackball.

We expect the gap between iPhone and Blackberry to widen in the next few quarters and see RIM continuing to struggle.

One thought on “3 Reasons the iPhone beats Blackberry for business

  • Just find the name of the polling company who said iPhone is better than Blackberry funny, iPass. But seriously, the main reason why iPhone beat Blackberry is because they were able to adapt to the ever changing needs of the people.

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