Reasons President Obama Sang Al Green and Topped Social Media Buzz This Week:

president-obama-sings al green's let's stay together

Reasons President Obama Sang Al Green and Topped Social Media Buzz This Week:

President Obama singing lead the viral social media buzz news this week.

One of the biggest stories this week in and around social media happened yesterday when President Barack Obama took to the stage and did some singing.  What may have been considered poor public outreach wasn’t yesterday when President Obama sang Al Green. President Obama was at a campaign fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem and after Al Green got the crowd of 1,400 ready, he dropped a line from Al Green’s classic song “Let’s Stay Together”. Listen below as he sings “I’m So In Live With You”and ended up being the top trending topic in Google yesterday as well as other social media networks.

Expect More Social Media from President Obama in 2012

What led President Obama to sing yesterday? It could be that he is feeling like he is in a good place because the economy is improving. Look for the President to continue to be a top trend in social media as the 2012 election nears. Imagine how his singing would have been interpreted if unemployment was at 9.2 percent. Now that the economy is getting better, President Obama’s star power may rise right along with it.

Here are 3 reasons President Obama is singing.

  1. The housing market is improving.
  2. Unemployment is decreasing.
  3. The stock market is nearing new highs.
Clearly, the President may not have considered these factors before he hit the stage but we believe the positive news related to the economy is something the White House is monitoring carefully.  The better the news… the more the prez can have a bit of fun.

President Barack Obama Sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”

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