How To Know Your SEO Sucks (Part 4): No Social Media Visibility

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How To Know Your SEO Sucks (Part 4)-No Social Media Visibility:

Social media can help SEO significantly.

Yes. This is a piece on how to get more out of search engine optimization. Social media matters when sites are looking to get better rankings in search engines.  One of the easiest ways to spot a website that isn’t ranking well is it has low social media visibility.  Low social media visibility is equivalent to saying “your site hasn’t spread via social/digital word of mouth” which in turn also means search engines have no real reason to rank it any higher.  Google+ is a perfect way to explain the confluence of social media networking and search. Google+ uses social media sharing as a determinent and when Google shows website results now, Google+ shares are factored in.

In the early days of social media, site owners made sure to get the appropriate social media assets that were related to their site and  get links back.  Linking from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn help search engines identify more information about a website and who uses or likes it.  Notice the results for a company’s Twitter and Facebook page popping up in searches?  That means other relevant results must remain lower on the first page or are restricted to the second page of search results if the company has acquired the proper social media assets with the right nomenclature.   Social media will continue to help shape search engine results and the social media portals themselves are mini search engines.  Consider Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to be search engines that are capable of directing more referral traffic to the main site and engage in social networking to make search engine results more effective.  I’ve worked with lots of clients who focused on paid search but paid little or no attention to building a true social network capable of growing and regenerating itself virally with new users and potential customers.  As Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn grow, those firms that have spent some social capital digitally will reap the benefits of better search engine results.  Remember, the internet in its essence is a popularity contest, so increased social media visibility can lead to more links, write ups, blog posts, digital mentions and eventually better rankings that lead to more traffic.

See the final addition to our “How To Know Your SEO Sucks Series next week!”

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