Rick Ross May 2012 NYC Press Conference Exclusive Pictures, Video – Lessons In PR and Social Media

rick ross, swizz beatz and diddy mmg press conference May 2 2012

Rick Ross May 2012 NYC Press Conference Exclusive Pictures, Video – Lessons In PR and Social Media:

Rick Ross held a press conference today in NYC and Abmuku was in attendance.  Rick Ross is considered by MTV to be the “Hottest MC in The Game 2011” and he has been able to help several brands expand their reach with young urban consumers.

Ross held a press conference today in NYC at Eventi and he talked about his upcoming album “God Forgives, I Don’t”.  Heavyweights like Swizz Beatz and Sean “Diddy” Combs were also in attendance.

Ross has worked with Nike but at his press conference today in NYC he talked about a new deal he inked with Reebok a few weeks back along with a new partnership with Sean “Diddy” Combs “Ciroc”.

Rick Ross Uses Old-Fashioned PR and Social Media To Expand His Reach

Ross is one of the most adept rappers in using social media to grab more fans and get people to hear his music.  His press conference today was a hodgepodge of media consultants and press people looking to grab a headline.

Expect Rick Ross to become one of the hottest figures in advertising as he continues to build off of his music and record label “MMG”.  Social media will be key in helping Rick Ross move more music and sell products.

In the digital era, most people have taken to Twitter and Facebook to announce news but have forgotten the network effects of websites infused with social media tastemakers, bloggers and link expansion which is highly rated in Google’s search engine algorithm.

Ross could have just updated his Twitter or Facebook account to announce he was dropping a new album with MMG but that would not have gotten him more links, images or videos uploaded to the web.  The classic public relations move expanded his reach beyond those already following him on Twitter or who “like” his Facebook page.

Maybe the old-fashioned press release or press conference will come back in favor as a tool for expanding news.  Social media can’t do everything and doesn’t personalize the experience.

(Pictured above, Rick Ross, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Swizz Beatz)

rick ross sean diddy combs and swizz beatz mmg press conference nyc may 2012

Rick Ross May 2012 NYC Press Conference Video

footage provided by InterSearchMedia/Abmuku partner website http://www.CollegeDJ.net

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