Google Integrates Offers Into Maps for Android – Data Will Be Key Factor In Offering the ‘Right’ Deals


Google Integrates Offers Into Maps for Android – Data Will Be Key Factor In Offering the ‘Right’ Deals:

Yesterday, we reported that Foursquare wants to expand its social mobile media presence by offering daily deals.  They aren’t the only company looking to increase its offerings and get in the daily deals sector.  Google launched their “Offers” program a few weeks ago and today they announced the company will be integrating it with Google Maps to compete directly with the likes of Groupon as well as LivingSocial, the largest players in the daily deals space.

Google will integrate offers for daily deals into its Google Maps 6.7 for Android devices so users can see offers for bars, spas, restaurants, car washes and other services when searching for locations.  This is a key market for Google to enter because advertising on mobile devices has proven to be a difficult task for social media giant Facebook and daily deals site LivingSocial.

Data and Loyalty Will Be Key In Google Offers/Maps Success

The ability for Google to use search engine data helps the Google Offers/Maps integration have a higher probability to succeed than Groupon for the desktop.  Google’s algorithms can help them determine which deal is likely to entice a consumer and rewards programs will keep them coming back if implemented properly. Foursquare has a similar advantage over regular daily deals sites and is able to use check-in data to help aid the company in distributing the right coupon/offers/deals.

As the mobile sector continues to grow, look for acquisition strategies between traditional daily deals sites and social media or search in efforts to leverage data.   The increased negative perceptions of ‘graymail’ will make it more necessary to gently tap consumers on the shoulder, pleasantly interrupt their user experience with customized information or risk higher bounce rates and opting out.  So far, Pandora is one of the few mobile concerns that has managed to combine click strategies with voice over commercials that don’t disturb their customers – perhaps because their used to it now.

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