Apple May Launch Smaller 7 Inch iPad ‘Mini’ October 2012

apple ipad-and-mini-ipad 7 inch

Apple May Launch Smaller 7 Inch iPad ‘Mini’ In October 2012:

Apple rumor mills have been circulating noise for weeks about speculation that a new iPad was coming that would be ‘different’.  Now it’s somewhat been confirmed.  Bloomberg, cites sources that claim to have knowledge that Apple plans to create a new iPad that is smaller and more nimble roughly about 7 to 8 inches diagonally.  Apple will differentiate the product by keeping some features from the larger model off the new smaller counterpart such as retina display.

The base iPad model has a 9.7-inch screen but doesn’t compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire which is 2 inches smaller or the upcoming Google Nexus 7 which is expected to be produced at around 7 inches with a $199 price point.  Apple may announce the new iPad in October 2012 and this is the first time in years Apple has differentiated its mobile product line via physical dimensions.  All iPhones are the same size and this could change too as Apple tries to maintain its leadership position by competing with the likes of Samsung who have taken some market share with phones and tablets.  Apple needs to increase the size of the new iPhone to compete with the Android smartphones that feature a clearer view based on size…..that may be the next rumor….

As a consumer product leader, tech analysts may have expected Apple to move first with a 7 inch tablet before waiting for Kindle’s and Nexus to get rave reviews.  Could it be time for Apple to think different – again?  We have been speculating for weeks that Apple would differentiate as other consumer electronics makers were quickly catching up – read more here.

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