Amazon’s GameCirle Is Another Reason Kindle Fire Competes With iPad

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Amazon’s GameCirle Is Another Reason Kindle Fire Competes With iPad:

Amazon announced the company was launching the Kindle Fire in September 2011 will a lot less fanfare than Apple’s iPad, but the mobile gadget is slowly making headwind as a viable, lower cost alternative to high priced tablets.  The “Fire” tablet was an update to the Kindle e-book reader and was released on November 15, 2011 using the Android platform from Google.  Most people who don’t own one have no idea that the Kindle Fire has many of the same trimmings available to iPad users such as streaming music, movies and best of all – games.

Amazon’s new GameCircle is one more reason for Apple, Samsung and other tablet makers to fear this humble mobile giant.  Similar to Apple’s Game Center, GameCircle allows users to record and track their game activities on the cloud.  It will be available for developers using APIs which will allow more third party development, although currently GameCircle is available only for apps on the Kindle Fire and not on the larger Amazon platform via their Appstore.  If more developers use GameCircle, this will increase the likelihood that players will play more and possibly build gaming communities in the future.  As with Apple’s success, more developers leads to better game selection available and increased profits.

Amazon’s GameCircle has three main features:

  • Achievements allow players to track their accompaniments and see which trophies, badges and awards they are trying to earn.
  • Leaderboards let users see how they rank against the competition to measure how they are advancing in game play.
  • Sync automatically stores a player’s in game progress to the cloud

Amazon showed off GameCircle in a new video

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