LinkedIn Takes A Page From ‘Facebook’, Adds New Engagement “Commenting, Liking” and “Trending” Features

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LinkedIn Takes A Page From ‘Facebook’, Adds New Engagement “Commenting, Liking” and “Trending” Features:

LinkedIn is taking some clues from Facebook and other social media sites by adding new ways for people to engage with each other on its popular professional networking site via its Today news portal.  Recently, Facebook announced it was starting a jobs/professional networking site to compete directly with LinkedIn and it appears LinkedIn won’t be taking this lying down.  LinkedIn announced it was adding 2 new features to the site that will help it decrease bounce rates and get more users to revisit regularly.

Ryan Roslansky – Head of Content Products at LinkedIn stated in a linked in blog post today:

You might recall that back in May, we made LinkedIn Today, our social news product, even easier to navigate by completely re-imagining the look and feel of the product. This initiative was driven by one of our key design principles to simplify the experience; creating an elegant, delightful and customized experience for news consumption.

In keeping with our continued vision to constantly refine our products with our members’ needs in mind, we are pleased to announce two new features we’ve added to LinkedIn Today.

  • Commenting & Liking
  • Trending in Your Network
Commenting and Liking – allows users to “comment and like” articles that they see on the site and this increased network effect will help keep visitors engaged with other professionals on LinkedIn.  Trending in Your Network is a feature that allows LinkedIn users to filter what news and information they see to create a better experience based on what people they are connected to are following/engaging more with.
Right now Quantcast estimates show a small percentage, less than 2 percent, account for more than 60 percent of all visits from LinkedIn’s over 161 million users.  That means the majority of users are not coming back often and could be mostly recruiters looking for talent.

Social media sites like LinkedIn will soon figure out that it’s not about the traffic they get, but the traffic the give.  That’s what made Google so successful – it’s a referral source for websites.  When site owners see Facebook and LinkedIn as significant traffic resources they will shift their spend accordingly and people will engage more with these sites.

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