Google To Include Gmail In Search Engine Result Pages; Will This Decrease PPC Spend?

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Google To Include Gmail In Search Engine Result Pages; Will This Decrease PPC Spend?

Google is changing search once again.  The largest search engine firm in the world is constantly making changes.  Here’s another one.  Google is changing how search engine results appear for those who use its popular Gmail messaging system.  Google’s new concept will change search engine result pages (SERPs) to feature queries from Gmail in personal search results by allowing someone to search the worldwide web and their email simultaneously.

The product is still in early field trials but the new search engine results will have an adverse impact on PPC.  If Google searches include Gmail results, what will happen to paid advertising on the right hand side?  Google is already having problems with paid click advertisers increasingly willing to pay less for each ad impression that is clicked and the new changes to search results will have an adverse effect on overall inventory.  This may be what Google wants however, if ads are shown less, marketers will have to invariably pay more to appear and vie for clicks.  See the search engine result above for “biking in Tahoe” which brings up the users Gmail account search, notice there are no pay per click ads on the right hand side and PPC ads need to be above-the-fold in order to increase the likelihood they are seen or clicked.

It’s way too early to make long term predictions on how this will impact the industry but it’s questionable that people searching for something online are actually looking for it in their Gmail also.  Not sure if Google did survey work, testing or user experience inquiries to come up with this idea but it could have the same effect of Google+ results being infused with search engine optimization.  SERPs infused with Google+ results show news in one’s network but the wrong/less qualified result that isn’t optimal could show up and cause a second search.  But who knows, users could love having Gmail from their network show up with a standard search too…..

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