Google Buys Instagram Competitor Nik Software’s Snapseed, A Photo Editing Service

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Google Buys Instagram Competitor Nik Software’s Snapseed, A Photo Editing Service:

Google announced today it purchased a company called Nik Software.  Nik Software is the maker of the photo editing application Snapseed which is a competitor to Instagram.  Google wants to be a bigger player in the social networking sector and the purchase from Google is an attempt to capture some of Instagram’s market.  Instagram was the somewhat controversial buy from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion dollars only a few days before the number one social media site went public.  Snapseed’s motto is “Snap It, Tweak It, Love It, Share It” and it’s another attempt by Google to get more aggressive in a space that been dogging it for years.

Google didn’t say how much the company paid for Snapseed but the amount could be substantial considering what Facebook paid and Instagram that has 100 million users.  Snapseed has 9 million users and although it has only less 1/10 the amount of users. Google may have paid a premium to get more attention from picture taking social media mobile users that are growing exponentially.  Google will be using Snapseed for Google+ which is already the number 4 social media network but the growth in the company’s social media network isn’t buzzing like it was in the early days.  Should Google focus on search and integrating it with social media as opposed to creating its own social network?  It remains to be seen but the social media sector cannot sustain a splintered market of people who aren’t connected to each other which for the most part becomes phone book of unconnected individuals.  That’s why Myspace failed.

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