Social Media Engagement Set To Jump During Presidential Debates 2012


Social Media Engagement Set To Jump During Presidential Debates 2012:

The Presidential debates are quickly approaching and social media is set to increase engagement significantly when the action starts.  Predictions from the left and the right have already created buzz on social media as political junkies look forward to seeing President Obama and Mitt Romney side-by-side.

Tumbler has decided to “Live-GIF” the debates and will feature still photos from various angles and vantage points of both Mitt Romney and President Obama reacting to questions.  This makes it even more important for both Obama and Romney to be cognizant of each detail, no huffing and puffing like Al Gore or checking the watch like George H. W. Bush.  Every minuscule detail will be combed over and spread by social media.

YouTube will be live streaming the debates and there is sure to be a high level of tweets per minute (TPM) as each candidate speaks.  Let’ see if President Obama can break his TPM record set during Democratic National Committee in North Carolina.

Expectations for Mitt Romney are high because he has debated recently and took out several Republican opponents to get the party’s nomination.  President Obama didn’t have the same kind of competition with John McCain and frequently uses a teleprompter which some are saying could cause him to slip up when unscripted.  Romney needs an edge in these debates and it could help him close some of the polling gaps.  President Obama just needs to show up and not make any large-negative social media headlines.

President Debate Schedule 2012

October 3 – Presidential debate – domestic policy
October 11 – Vice-presidential debate – foreign and domestic policy
October 16 – Presidential town meeting – foreign and domestic policy
October 22 – Presidential debate – foreign policy

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