Pinterest Gaining On Facebook And Twitter In Driving Traffic To Retail Sites (Infographic)

Pinterest Gaining On Facebook And Twitter In Driving Traffic To Retail Sites (Infographic):

What retailers must do to survive in a picture oriented social media landscape.

Rich Relevance has created an awesome infographic that shows how social media is having an impact on retail traffic.  Retail sites are now getting more traffic from Pinterest than just a few months ago and the display-picture heavy site is gaining on Twitter.

Twitter restricts users to updates that are 140 characters or less and Pinterest allows users to describe their update using 500 characters along with an informative picture.  For retailers, this is a boon for sales because users are speaking for them to help expand their message and brand awareness.  There’s nothing better for a retailer than to have someone else saying something positive about them and more people are getting news as well as recommendations about new products on social media sites.

What Retailers Must Do To Take Advantage Of Image Focused Social Media

Retailers are going to have to make sure they have a strong presence on Pinterest and it’s just one more social media network that deserves attention.  Facebook figured this out early and purchased Instagram for about $1 billion before the company’s IPO because the firm must have seen this coming.  Keep an eye on Pinterest as a top social media site that’s soon going to eclipse rivals in the space.  This is an opportunity that Flickr missed.

Retailers must be keen enough to know Pinterest is gaining in terms of social media relevance and they need to build rich media, picture heavy sites that are sharable.  Retailers will also need to create image repositories that can easily be picked up by users for sharing on social media sites to gain positive spillover effects from sites like Pinterest.

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