Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users But Is Bigger – Better?


Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users But Is Bigger – Better?

Facebook has achieved a major milestone today by hitting 1 billion users.  Facebook is already the largest social media site and its growth is continuing at a rapid pace.  Mark Zuckerberg announced the new milestone today on his Facebook page and the eight year old social networking site has eclipsed some expectations that its growth would slowdown.  Next to Google, Facebook is the second largest destination on the web and further proof that the social media sector is still expanding.

Facebook recently announced that it had a large user base of fake users and stated that 83 million users weren’t real.  This may not be included in the recent count and the company stated it was deleting fake likes on fan pages to keep the site from losing its integrity.  Globally, Facebook still has room to grow in Asia and it looks likely to maintain its number 1 position for years to come.

A Bigger Facebook And Remarketing Will Work

Will Facebook hit 2 billion users?  Probably, but the biggest concern for the company and its investors is how Facebook will monetize the large user base, especially via mobile.  Facebook’s size won’t detract from the user experience if ads don’t seem too invasive.  It will soon be expanding remarketing techniques that work well for Google’s pay per click advertising to help firms build a stronger presence on the site.  A larger Facebook with expanded remarketing could be instrumental in the company’s future profits.

Remarketing involves dropping a cookie on computers that allows firms to see where a user has gone and target ads on Facebook to follow them.  Remarketing along with 1 billion users will make Facebook ads more relevant and this advertising technique has higher conversion rates.  As the company grows, expect Facebook to continue finding new ways to make money that people may not have perceived just a few years ago.

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