Pheed Brings New Twist To Social Media and Celebs Love It

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Pheed Brings New Twist To Social Media and Celebs Love It:

Pheed is the latest social media site to make headlines and grab the attention of digital socialites.   The site is a new twist on social networking that involves sharing content – but getting paid for it.  Yes – we know, there are already enough social networking sites out there hoping to be the next Twitter and Facebook, but Pheed could be onto something.  The site boasts nearly 400,000 users and has only been around for a few weeks.

Pheed is another type of Twitter updating-styled tool that allows users to update their statuses with 400 characters using rich media such as pictures, video, music and other forms of content.  Here’s what makes Pheed interesting, the revenue sharing aspect.  Users have the option to offer provide their ‘pheeds’ to users for free or upgrade their account to a premium version that allows them to make money from their content.  Pheed owners get to name their price for allowing users to view their content and the site gets 50 percent of the revenue.

Celebrities are already flocking to such as Chris Brown (who currently charges $2.99 to access his pheed), Paris Hilton and rappers Wale, J. Cole as well as many others.  Celebrity adoption of social media networks is important and helped Twitter jump off to a quick start with Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian giving the site a lift.  Pheed will continue to be an interesting social media play but are users willing to cough up dough for viewing content?  It all depends.  Pheed owners will need to make their content exclusive to and exclude it from sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that have already reached critical mass with users expecting free content.  The business plan is interesting but untested and Google+ is still struggling to take off with a large user base gained from prior endeavors.  We’ll keep phollowing Pheed to see how it works.  See our Pheed at – don’t worry it’s free!

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