SNL Town Hall Presidential Debate 2012 Parody Shows Candidates Uncivil

presidential debate town hall 2012 snl

SNL Town Hall Presidential Debate Shows Candidates Uncivil:

And there’s something to that….

Last night’s Saturday Night Live opening sketch was a parody of the second presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama at Hofstra University. The skit threw several punches at both candidates for their lack of civility while poking fun at several ‘undecided’ voters who asked questions. The key to the satirical view of the debate is that Mitt Romney and President Obama appeared to be too ‘in-your-face’ in terms of style which could have an impact on the debate tomorrow. ¬†They both may need to make some adjustments – especially the President who may need to appear above the fray by some accounts.

Mitt Romney had to be aggressive but President Obama also needed to show he was no slouch by having a more engaging posture than in the first debate. Many political analysts considered it a tie but gave President Obama the edge due to his lackluster performance the first time around. It’s unclear how both candidates will adjust tomorrow night and they seemed to ignore the ‘personal space’ rules that didn’t work for Al Gore against George Bush. The sketch is extremely funny and shows how debating styles may have reached a severe turning point than in years past with both candidates going hard at the other. ¬†Jason Sudeikis and Jay Pharoah do excellent impersonations of Mitt Romney and President Obama below while exaggerating the obvious.

Saturday Night Live Town Hall Presidential Debate Sketch

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