Apple iPhone 5 Photo Stream “Turkey” Ad Perfect for the Holidays (Video)

Apple iPhone 5 Photo Stream “Turkey” Ad Perfect for the Holidays (Video):

Apple is the largest company in the world because they products people love and know how to reach consumers to entice them to buy more.  It’s no wonder that once a person is part of the Apple ecosystem and owns 1 or more products, they are likely to purchase more.  Apple’s marketing is similar to, Ralph Lauren, Nike and just a few other firms who have been able to reach the masses in an informative -artistic way.

The new iPhone 5 TV ad showing the benefits of the Shared Photo Stream is an example of the way Apple makes commercials that show how beneficial owning their products are.  The new Shared Photo Stream feature on the latest version of the iPhone allows users to update their social networks such as Facebook by selecting several photos at one time instead of adding them one-by-one.  Apple claims it “is the easiest way to share just the photos you want with just the people you want.”  The timeliness of the commercial for the holidays is what sets the Apple apart from its competition.  Nobody else in the mobile phone space has a similar commercial that shows the ease of use of their product and combines the holiday along with social media – a sector that continues to grow.  See the full “Turkey” video below.  Looks like Apple’s got another marketing hit.

Apple – iPhone 5 – TV Ad – Turkey

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