Google+ Is Growing At Facebook Speed


Google+ Is Growing At Facebook Speed

And here we have it, as of yesterday Google made an announcement that let their worldwide users known their system now has 135 million users checking their Google+ streams with every month that goes by. Since as recently as mid-September, as many as 100 million and counting have been active on their Google+ accounts. This is apparent that Google+ is growing in the same rapid pace as Facebook was in 2008.

Google has also made an announcement regarding their user growth with a new feature titled ‘Google+ Communities’, an enhancement to Google’s mobile photo app ‘Snapseed.’ As of September 17th, the last user count update, Google+ has went on to add more than 35 million stream-active users in the past 2.5 months alone. Intense.

This means Google+ is adding about 14 million stream-active users just about every month, almost as though the type of users most would find on Facebook. As it happens, Facebook added monthly active users at almost the exact same pace between late August 2008, when the site touched 100 million active users, and early April 2009, when it found its way to 200 million active users. That seven-month rise resulted in the growth of 14.3 million users per month!


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