Twitter Gets TV Rating Via Nielsen Partnership


Twitter Gets TV Rating Via Nielsen Partnership:

Today, Twitter and Nielsen announced a new partnership that will combine old and new media.  The new rating is called the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating.  The idea is to combine television viewing preferences with social media to get a fuller picture of what users are doing in conjunction on and offline.   The new rating will help determine just how popular a show or event on television is in the Twittersphere and the collaboration is one of the first of its kind that shows the digital era is having a huge impact on what old school advertisers and programmers do.  How good is a show if nobody tweets about it anyway?

Nielsen has been considered “out-of-touch” by digital strategists and the likes of the internet traffic measurement company Comscore.  In a digital era, Nielsen’s ratings made less sense especially considering how they are created using household survey sampling data that can often be skewed or inaccurate.  Nielsen data also doesn’t aggregate any info from the online and social media world which makes their data less robust than it could be without internet related metrics.

The collaboration between Nielsen and Twitter is the first of many more partnerships to come where older platforms embrace the digital counterparts to get more accurate measurements.  Advertisers will love this new partnership because it will allow them to focus attention on media with a holistic approach.  Expect more ‘white-label’ styled combinations of this sort to keep traditional firms like Nielsen relevant in the online world.

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