Nielsen Plans To Acquire Arbitron For $1.26 Million, Why It’s A Good Idea


Nielsen Seeks To Acquire Radio Measurement Company Arbitron To Increase Media Metrics Capacity:

Nielsen is back at it, trying to reinvent itself and continue to be a dominant factor in the media measurement space.  Nielsen recently inked a deal with Twitter for a partnership that would create a Twitter TV ranking and yesterday the company announced it was plans to acquire Arbitron, a radio measurement company, for nearly $1.3 billion.

Nielsen is expanding into traditional and new media which could give it a considerable edge over its competitors. A holistic approach to measuring media will win in the long run.  Media measurement competitors like Comscore are getting ahead of Nielsen in the internet metrics sector but the deal with Twitter will provide Nielsen with a bit more leverage for its clients especially if Arbitron and radio measurement is added to the mix of offerings.

As the internet, social media, old and traditional media platforms become more intertwined, it will be harder to understand data without some secondary information about how content is performing.  Advertisers, brands and marketers need real-time information about what’s performing across all media and Nielsen is poised to continue to be a behemoth in the space with Arbitron added.

Look for smaller, start-ups that focus on internet data collection to be in high demand over the next few months and years as the media metrics sector consolidates.  Big data may be the next new interesting play, but how to interpret that data and what to do with it will be even bigger.

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