Parts People Creates A Working Raspberry Pi Laptop


Parts People Creates A Working Raspberry Pi Laptop

A new very sleek and slender laptop has hit the stores, so watch out Apple! The Parts People put together a fully functioning miniature machine that is sure to make social navigating a bit easier on the carrying. Introduced by Parts Peoples CEO Austin Nathan, the Raspberry Pi is a futuristic computing device.

The Raspberry Pi is looked at as an additional computational power to almost everything you can think of, from mini arcade games, to specifically made reality goggles, but this takes the cake for a creation that almost matches your traditional computer. With some components similar to a Dell, combined with a 3-D printed shell to make a laptop with just 10 hours of battery life, and a full qwerty keyboard. This device will be much lighter to tote around the holidays with. If you receive this gift under your tree best believe it will be of use if not now in the coming future.

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