The Top 12 Social Media Mobile News Stories Of 2012

The Top 12 Social Media Mobile News Stories Of 2012:

Here’s our list of the top 12 social media networking website news stories.  The list doesn’t include events that were the most buzz worthy in the year 2012 but rather the list is compiled of news about social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others in the sector.  January was the only month were an event wasn’t related to just one site with the general blackout that occurred via social media sites that protested against SOPA and PIPA.

Facebook’s was a big source of news last year – as expected.  First the company bought Instagram for a whopping $1billion and the company left the private world to go to Wall Street.  The Facebook IPO was the biggest story in 2012 and the decline in price the day of the initial public offering had a huge impact on the sector as a whole.  A few sites had privacy issues like Twitter and Instagram.  Twitter had no big issues but Instagram is said to have lost several million users over issues related to ‘selling pictures’, which never actually was implemented but the negative messaging was immediate.  Long-term, Instagram should have not problems but it’s a good lesson in how to keep privacy rights, terms and conditions transparent and clear.

google sopa pipa blackout screenshot

January 2012: The Internet’s First True Protest Succeeds: SOPA and PIPA Withdrawn – 5 Lessons Learned

Protesting never looked like this before.

Controversial legislation called the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA and the Protect IP Act PIPA were withdrawn by Congress this Friday, January 20, 2012 as a result of intense protesting online.

twitter find friends iphone picture

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February 2012: Twitter Keeps User Contact Information Via Find Friends iPhone Feature And Stores It For Months

Twitter has this week to the LA Times that it saves user information and stores the data on its servers for long periods of time. Twitter has a mobile featured that allows users to find friends on its social medianetwork called “Find Friends” for the Apple iPhone.

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March 2012: Investors Say Yup To Yelp! IPO Closes Up 63 Percent: But What About Google?

Can Yelp handle Google Local search results competition?

Yelp had a successful initial public offering today on Wall Street as the stock rose over 73 percent at one point during regular trading hours.

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April 2012: Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion: Social Networking Goes Beyond Games

Facebook made a purchase today of the large sharing mobile property Instagram.  This is the largest acquisition for the social media giant and it’s indicative of the current environment with tech companies on the internet working hard to get into the mobile space.

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May 2012: Facebook Drops 11 Percent Below IPO Closing Price, The Impact On The Social Media Sector

The “Facebook Effect” may be bad for new social media companies coming to market.

Facebook isn’t getting “liked” by investors and comments are getting more negative as the stock price slides downward immediately after the IPO held Friday May 18 2012.

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June 2012: Password Breaches On LinkedIn, and Facebook IPO Increase Social Media Sector Growth Questions:

Password Breaches On LinkedIn, and Facebook IPO Increase Social Media Sector Growth Questions:

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July 2012: Twitter Cuts Off Automatic Tweets From LinkedIn – Social Media Network Effects Gone Wrong

Twitter, the bourgeoning social networking website that lets users update their status with 140 characters or less, has stopped automatic tweets from the number one professional social media website LinkedIn.

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August 2012: 83 Million Facebook Users Are Fake, The Negative Impact On User Experience

Looking to grow your network on Facebook? Beware of fake friends.No, not fake friends as in haters or people in your network that are ‘frienemies’ – people that befriend you but actually don’t like you.

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mark zuckerberg techcrunch disrupt conference 2012

September 2012: Mark Zuckerberg Makes 1st Post-IPO Appearance At Techcrunch ‘Disrupt’ 2012, Say’s HTML5 Facebook’s Biggest Mistake

Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the first appearance of Mark Zuckerberg post-IPO.  The moment has finally arrived. Mark Zuckerberg made his first appearance since the Facebook initial public offering at the Techcrunch “Disrupt” Conference 2012 in San Francisco.

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October 2012: Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users But Is Bigger – Better?

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Facebook has achieved a major milestone today by hitting 1 billion users.  Facebook is already the largest social media site and its growth is continuing at a rapid pace.  Mark Zuckerberg announced the new milestone today on his Facebook page and the eight year old social networking site has eclipsed some expectations that its growth would slowdown.

barack-michelle obama-reelection tweet 2012

November 2012: President Obama Is Reelected, Social Media Picture Breaks Records

President Obama has many firsts behind his belt.  He’s the first African American president of the United States and he has several social media records already such as being the topic related to the most tweets per minute in Twitter’s history.

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December 2012: AppData Claims Instagram Lost 25 Percent Of Daily Active Users Due To ‘Selling Pictures Problem’ – 2 Reasons Why

AppData claimed today that Instagram lost 25 percent of its daily active user due to the selling pictures problem it had last week.  Instagram changed its privacy rights and users beleived their pictures could be sold online to advertisers.


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