Storm ‘Nemo’ Makes A Blast On Social Media

winter storm nemo

Storm ‘Nemo’ Makes A Blast On Social Media:

Nemo has been a hit with social media.  Not ‘Finding Nemo’ the computer animated movie that was a hit in 2003 but the storm Nemo that is set to wreak havoc across the Northeast.  “Nemo” is already one of the top trends on Twitter and Google long before the damage has been done.

The storm looks massive compared to Hurricane Sandy and Irene (see comparisons here).  People aren’t taking ‘Nemo’ lightly and the web has been littered with jokes about the storm and movie.  See the picture below that uses the “Nemo” from the movie but shows the small fish warning of the impending storm.

NJ residents are still digging out of the last storm and people are taking extra precautions.  Look for the snow accumulation to continue to make social media rounds as pictures of the storm and its aftermath are uploaded tomorrow.  Social media is not only a great tool for sharing fun pictures, videos and information but it’s also extremely useful in getting the word out about natural disasters like Nemo.  How did it get that name anyway?

storm nemo fish im coming


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