5 Reasons Why Netflix’s “House Of Cards” Is The Best Show Off TV

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5 Reasons Why Netflix’s “House Of Cards” Is The Best Show Off TV:

Netflix recently unleashed its latest new show called “House Of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey as congressman Francis Underwood.  The show features uncanny, excellent performances from “Robin Wright” who plays “Claire Underwood” and a host of others.  The show features remarkable cinematography and dialogue that is second to none.

Here are our top 5 reasons why Netflix is the best show on the internet/off-TV.

1. Kevin Spacey.  He could be reasons 1-5 because he is the show.  His attitude and smart demeanor make “House Of Cards” captivating. He’s an Academy Award winning actor for reasons that are illuminated via the show.

2. The politics of the show.  Political junkies can’t help but watch “House Of Cards” because it focuses on topics that resonate with them although the show has broad appeal.

3. It’s the net.  Because the show is on the internet, Netflix’s “House Of Cards” includes some slight profanity and nudity but more importantly, the show is expressive in a language people would actually use.  Everything is tastefully done.

4. Robin Wright.  She co-stars with Spacey and is just as beautiful as when she played Kelly Capwell on the soap opera Santa Barbara with much longer hair.  Spacey and Wright are a devilish duo you love to hate -and love again. The viewer instantly begins to root for them.

5. The nature of on-demand viewing – commercial free.  Netflix put all 13 episodes out at once and it’s unlikely most people couldn’t stay a day or two away without watching another episode.  Internet viewers loathe commercials and Netflix is taking advantage of the fact most people will binge view a show they like.

Netflix may have just caught on to the magic of HBO’s Sopranos at a much lower cost for the view and as more people migrate from old media one should expect original programming to have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line.  It’s hard to make another Soprano’s and will be equally hard to top “House Of Cards”.  We can’t wait to see another episode.

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