Apple iTV, SDK March 2013 Announcement Anticipated


Apple iTV, SDK March 2013 Announcement Anticipated:

Apple may be announcing a new product next month.  A March 2013 announcement may be related to the iTV or a new software developer’s kit.  Apple may launch new product soon and it’s possible it could help the company breakout of its current doldrums.  Apple has been losing market share due to its smaller sized phone and it may be releasing an iPhone 5s or a cheaper smartphone.

iTV excitement may have waned in recent months as no news about the product has been released that has caught much steam.  When it comes to television, most people opt for a flat screen and cable TV but the internet is taking some share from traditional media.  Netflix has created a new show called “House Of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey and content viewing patterns have changed significantly since Apple first introduced the iTV.

Introducing a new SDK for making compatible games with the iTV may not be worth having an event for the announcement.  Rumors of a new iWatch hit the net last week so any announcement from Apple is possible as they deflect some bad press that has kept the company’s stock price at one-third from its high of $700.

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