Comscore 2012 Data Shows Twitter & Pinterest Catching Facebook, LinkedIn

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Comscore 2012 Data Shows Twitter & Pinterest Catching Facebook, LinkedIn:

Facebook is the largest social media networking site by far boasting over 1 billion members but the competition is catching up.  LinkedIn has shown it’s a viable player in the social media space but the rest of the field has been fading with the likes of StumbleUpon and Digg receiving less traffic than two years ago.  Twitter is fighting LinkedIn to be the second largest social media network but new entrants like Pinterest are giving it a strong challenge according to Comscore data for 2012.

In a report released on Thursday, Comscore data shows Tumblr and Pinterest gained over 10 million visitors last year.  Tumblr is less of a social media play and more of a revamped Blogspot with some added networking bells and whistles but like Pinterest, it’s audio-visual content heavy.  This is a problem for Twitter which limits status updates to 140 characters or less and has less of an audio-visual component which isn’t good for advertisers or retailers to spread the word about their products.

A few weeks ago we shared info about Pinterest and how retailers are finding it to be a good source for traffic (see Pinterest vs. Facebook Infographic here).  Comscore’s latest data release shows this growth trend isn’t waning and may be a problem for Google+ and Facebook if it continues.  The social media landscape is rapidly changing with big players and small fish vying for domination.  Facebook will probably hold its number 1 spot for the next few years since it purchased Instagram but don’t be surprised if mobile connectivity changes the sector as more people access social networks from their phone or tablet.

Facebook visitors accounted for 5 out of every 6 minutes of all social media networking activity.  That rate of growth is bound to decline but the introduction of “Graph Search” could help Facebook keep its coveted number 1 spot.

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