Twitter Hackings On The Rise – February 2013 Jeep And Burger King Jacked

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Twitter Hackings On The Rise – February 2013 Jeep And Burger King Jacked

Twitter hackings are getting more attention these days after some high profile handles were jacked.  Jeep’s Twitter account profile was changed today and a few days ago, Twitter announced that over 250,000 passwords were compromised.  Twitter doesn’t have much demographic information which can be problematic for some advertisers but the site is an attraction to hackers if popular accounts are tricked.  As the social media-networking sector grows, hackers may find more reasons to spoof handles like Jeep.

But what does this mean for the future of social media?

Probably not much. Social media will need to do more social networking to get users conditioned to hackers and simple ways to stop them if possible.  As users get more familiar with popular stories like Jeep which invariably can occur, some will opt-out or tune out.  This will cause social media concerns to get more secure and create robust experiences to negate engagement risks.  Can Twitter stop every foul-doer? Of course not. But can Twitter reach out to its users and be transparent to help mitigate damages? Looks like that’s probably going to happen anyway for a social media network boasting millions of members.  Stay tuned. The Jeep Twitter handle hacking comes just days after Burger King was swiped less than 24 hours before.

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