Google Images Change Saps Publishers, How To Check If Traffic Dropped

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Google Images Change Saps Publishers, How To Check If Traffic Dropped:

On January 25 2013, Google made a significant change to how images are searched for and retrieved.  Now most images are hosted on and can be viewed, downloaded or saved without visiting the actual website where the image is located.

Publishers have been complaining that the Google image change is costing them traffic because users aren’t going to their pages when looking for images and can swipe them from instead.  Aside from some privacy and copyright issues, publishers are upset that images they created are essentially owned by Google if they don’t get the clicks to their site.

High-resolution versions of a site’s pictures are no longer a strong source of traffic for blogs as a result of the change from Google.  This can lead to a sharp drop for sites that are image heavy such as how-to/DIY, recipe, drink and restaurant sites with heavy image catalogs.

How To Check If Google Images Traffic Has Dropped

The recent change by Google makes the search engine much easier to navigate and has several positives but when sites lose traffic, many business models fail that should have been more promising.  Check your Google Analytics to see if your website is losing traffic to Google

Go to Traffic Sources>Referrals>  If traffic has decreased from this source, your probably impacted by the change.  There are some suggestions on how to capture this traffic back but they may be implemented improperly and can lead to worse traffic.  Talk to your SEO expert for more ways to buttress the negative impact from Google’s image changes.

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